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ISBN: 1-877858-60-9

Our guarantee to you:

"Should your workplace be unable to use, any of the comprehensive materials in the Armed Robbery Training Manual, return your 2009 Edition data DVD-R for a full refund!"

John D. Moore, CPP
Author, CEO
Armed Robbery Training Associates, LLC

The Armed Robbery Training Manual data DVD-R is designed to help you, your co-workers and managers, learn how to reduce the robbery risk that you have. This data DVD-R also provides Law Enforcement and Security trainers with the tools they need for their training responsibilities.

The data DVD-R training tools present you with comprehensive educational content, as well as slides, high-resolution images, targeted lectures and support material so YOU can be the teacher.


Your data DVD-R also contains informal audio discussions (with PowerPoint slides) on the following subject areas. (unavailable on the CD version).
  • Frequently asked questions regarding Credit Union robbery. (20 minutes)
  • Myths of armed robbery (10 minutes)
  • Weapons of Robbery (16 minutes)
  • Resisting a holdup (17 minutes)
  • Robbery policies and procedures for Credit Unions (9 minutes)
  • Observation skills training (13 minutes)
  • Short course for CU robbery trainers (50 minutes)
  • Injuries and weapons (9 minutes)
  • Protecting your CU from robbery, bombs, and threats (14 minutes)

A comprehensive work by armed robbery expert John D. Moore, CPP., this data DVD-R covers subjects the author wants you to be able to read, teach, or print, in the high-risk location where you need it most.

Available in digital format!

For immediate use in the workplace, this manual is available in it's entirety, in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format. It comes on one single data DVD-R.

Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from www.adobe.com, and you can have the entire manual at your fingertips, whenever you need it!

Central CORE topics are followed by content outlines and study guide questions. All CORE topics contain any forms, full color images, checklists, guidelines, or procedure cards relevant to that particular armed robbery topic.

49 high resolution images of weapons are included in the 8th Edition. These images are courtesy of the Smith & Wesson Corporation and Remington Firearms Corporation. All of the weapons are formatted into JPEG for importing into any presentation program, or use with any graphics viewer.

The 2009 Edition is an absolute must for police trainers, security professionals, and those responsible for safety and security training in the workplace. This is the most comprehensive product we have ever offered for workplace robbery trainers.

Each manual discusses the topics listed above, as well as providing another 64 support files about armed robbery.

2007 DVD-R

Armed Robbery Training Manual (2009 Ed., 1.24GB Data DVD-R)
Robbery topics discussed
  • *Alarms, use of & training with them
  • Areas at risk for robbery events
  • Armed Robbery: Frequently asked questions
  • Armed Robbery training. A critical process for Credit Unions and other high-risk businesses
  • A small retail stores robbery nightmare
  • A hotel robbery, and its victims mistakes are remembered for a lifetime
  • Armed Robbery: One robbers first holdup and  the emotional aftermath on his victims
  • Bomb devices
  • Cameras and alarms at your location
  • Cell phones to the rescue in a robbery or bomb threat?
  • *Communications during and after an emergency
  • *Conducting a complete and comprehensive security survey at all your Credit Union or bank branches
  • *Conducting mock robbery training
  • *Conducting off-site  robbery training
  • *Credit Unions, searching your branch.
  • Crime Prevention through environmental design issues
  • Crisis in your call center ?  A real threat for 2006.
  • Does it take tragic events to spark Crime Prevention interest?
  • Executive and family safety at home.  Can they be safe?
  • Employee actions and inactions in a robbery
  • Equipment needs for robbery related security surveys
  • Firearm identification
  • Height markers, and doorway issues
  • *Increasing your robbery risk.  Are you?
  • *Injuries and weapons
  • Liability and robbery incident forseeability
  • *Myths of armed robbery, and what are they?
  • *Observation skills
  • Observation skills and the environment
  • Observation skills and the offender
  • Planning for emergencies: robbery and bomb threats
  • *Physical and environmental security considerations
  • *Police robbery response & procedures during and after
  •  Procedural issues and reducing your risks
  • Providing meaningful information to  first responders
  • *Resisting a holdup, a critical area for training
  • Robbery policy development for senior managers
  • Robbery procedure development for senior managers.
  • *Robbery procedure cards, after the incident occurs.  Now what do we do?
  • Robbery related missteps, can you reduce those risks?
  • *Robbery security survey discussions for your at-risk locations
  • *Robbery training studies, what training actually works?
  • *Robbery training techniques
  • Searching your bomb threatened location
  • *Security Lighting basics
  • Short duration robbery training sessions.  Methods and examples of.
  • *Target selection and robbery risk identification
  • Target hardening, an introduction to terrorism and security considerations
  • *Training by role playing
  • Training for Police robbery trainers
  • *Weapons of robbery

*This training topic is followed by content outlines, study guide questions, and any forms, full color images, checklists, guidelines, or procedure cards relevant to that particular armed robbery topic.

This is a standard data DVD-R product (for computers with a data DVD-R readable drive).

The 2009 data DVD-R contains:

31 editable PPT slide programs:

Including text outlines and slide arrays for trainers doing group training sessions or developing training topics for policy and procedure development. (Unavailable on CD version)

  • Basics for armed robbery trainers (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Bomb devices (trainers array)
  • Bombs, threats, and emergency procedures (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Bomb threat procedure (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Bombs, searching your branch (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Emergency planning (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Executive & family safety at home (trainers array)
  • FAQ's Credit Union robbery Issues (trainers array)
  • Forms, Guidelines, and Checklists (trainers array)
  • Guide for police robbery trainers (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Injuries and weapons,(trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Increasing your robbery risk (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Mock robbery, Off-Site, (trainers array)
  • Mock Robbery, On-Site, (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Myths of armed robbery (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • On-line armed robbery response training
  • Preview armed robbery response training (FLASH)
  • Police response, (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Protecting your Credit Union, (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Resisting a holdup, Credit Unions, (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Resisting a holdup, (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Retail robbery training, (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Robbery policy and procedure development for executives, (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Robbery training for high-risk groups, (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Robbery training methods, (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Robbery training, Convenience Stores, (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Robbery training, observation skills, (trainers array)
  • Robbery training, post robbery procedure (trainers array)
  • Robbery training, target selection, (trainers array)
  • Short duration robbery training exercises (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Target hardening an intro to terrorism and security, (trainers array, trainers outline)
  • Weapons of robbery (trainers array)
Built in Microsoft PowerPoint, each can be reused or edited for training purposes. All slides have also been converted to popular image formats for importing into other presentation programs.

The 2009 Edition DVD-R is 1.24 Gigabytes of images, slides lectures and content.

Included inside theDVD-R is printable high-resolution robbery posters, in sizes A2, A3, and A4. These colorful posters are designed for retail and financial institution target users.

Each manual discusses the topics listed above, as well as providing another 64 support files about armed robbery.

Each product contains an online armed robbery response preview (FLASH).

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2009 Edition DVD-R:

Total size: 1.24GB (2 CD's)
Total size: 1, 347, 715,072 bytes
Folder totals: 104
File totals: 822
File formats used: PDF, PPT, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, WMF, DOC, FLASH


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