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Armed Robbery Training for Police Trainers

"It is the expressed policy of Armed Robbery Training Associates, to keep our client names confidential, and not release them to any third party. If we are to be released from that policy restriction, it must be in writing."

"Should your workplace be unable to use, any of the materials in the Basic Armed Robbery Training Manual, return your manual for a full refund!"

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2005 Guide
for Police Robbery Trainers

Orders for our new Training for Police Robbery Trainers guide (3.5MB's) are now being taken. This guide retails at $35.00 ($32.95 when ordered by Credit Card, securely on-line) and is shipped by email.

This new training guide contains 11 training topics. These training topics support the comprehensive training tools provided in the Armed Robbery Training Manual CD. This is designed for Police trainers and Security trainers who train multiple types of community businesses.

Our guide for Police Robbery Trainers contains 3.5 MB's of training material including our entire Armed Robbery: With Injury series.

  • Armed Robbery Training for Police Trainers.
  • Conducting Mock Robbery Training.
  • Off-Site Robbery Training.
  • Armed Robbery Training. Does it Work?
  • Armed Robbery: With Injury A case history and discussion (Retail)
  • Armed Robbery: With Injury Part 2, A case history and discussion (Hotel/Motel)
  • Armed Robbery: With Injury, Part 3, A robbery and it's emotional aftermath
  • Armed Robbery: With Injury, Short duration armed robbery training sessions
  • Armed Robbery: With Injury, Frequently asked questions about Armed Robbery
  • Resisting a holdup
  • Target Selection
This training guide is for Crime Prevention officers, Police patrol officers and investigators who do community educational programs for:
  • Service clubs
  • Professional associations/organizations
  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Pharmacies
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Jewelry stores
  • Hotel/Motel operations
Security Trainers who teach robbery education classes to a variety of different businesses may also benefit from this material.
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